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Questions for Discussion about Lucky Little Things

1. In Lucky Little Things, luck is defined in several ways. What does “luck” mean to you?

2. Melanie introduces the idea of karma. Do you think karma exists?

3. Was Savvy’s punishment unfair? Why do you think Tyler didn’t get punished as much as Savvy?

4. The characters’ skin color, and their families’ countries of origin, are rarely mentioned. How did you picture the characters in your head? Emma’s father was from Colombia, which makes Emma part Latina. Does this change the way you see her?

5. Aunt Jenny isn’t really Emma’s biological aunt. Does that matter? Do you have any “aunts” or “uncles” who aren’t biologically related to you? What is their role in your life?

6. Ms. Engel is sometimes kind to Emma, but she also loses her temper. Did you think of her as a “good” teacher or a “bad” one? Does Ms. Engel remind you of any teachers you know?

7. If you got a letter like Emma’s, what would you put on your list of 10 lucky little things?

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