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george courtney
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The Rumpus Interview by David Breithaupt: “I didn’t even notice the lack of men in the story until I finished it. But once I did notice it, I was kind of delighted. Apparently, my subconscious is totally sexist.”


An interview with Eryn Loeb in Vela: “I feel a little bit like my ass is hanging out in the wind. But you know, whatever, my ass has been out there in the wind for a long time.”


After Ellen interview by Dana Piccoli: “I had a very intimate relationship with the character; I carried her around like a devil on my shoulder.” interview: “I came across a news story about a “mommy blogger” who’d poisoned her son over many months so she could get attention and sympathy, and I felt this immediate anxiety – if I didn’t write a book about someone like her right away, some other writer was going to get to it first.”

Selected Press for I, LIAR (Thought Catalog, 2015)


Selected Press for GIRLBOMB (Villard, 2006)

Time Out NY, 2008

MTV's "Sex in the 90s," 1994


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